The RangeFinder view on a very large worksheet.                 RangeFinder's display options.                 A demonstration of RangeFinder.

Microsoft Excel RangeFinder

RangeFinder is an Excel add-in for easing navigation within large Excel worksheets that contain lots of data. All of the data ranges are represented as coloured blocks in the RangeFinder window and all are simultaneously visible. One can immediately navigate to any range simply by selecting it in the RangeFinder window. The current Excel view port is represented on the window and can be dragged to quickly pan and scroll the Excel view thus circumventing the need for tiresome horizontal and vertical scrolling.

A demonstration of RangeFinder.

The RangeFinder view on a very large worksheet. The options become visible upon hovering the mouse over the bottom of the view.

RangeFinder's display options.

RangeFinder has been tested on Excel 2002 and 2003.


To install, copy the downloaded XLA file to C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Addins. Then, open Excel, select the "Tools" menu followed by the "Add-ins..." option. When the Add-ins dialogue is displayed, press the "Browse" button and select the RangeFinder.xla file. This will place a "Visualisation" menu in Excel that can be selected to open the add-in.


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